Small Spaces That Live Large

This single section Call model home at Clayton Homes of Desoto had lots of potential. The retail center was so busy furniture kept getting moved in and out of it, and the home was never staged properly. As a result, sofa legs got lots, items were damaged, and the home wasn't appealing to buyers. It looked more like a storage unit than a model home. The dark, deep upholstery made the room feel smaller than it actually was.

Lifestylist Suzanne Felber was asked to come in and figure out a gameplan that would make this home more appealing to buyers. Our first thought was that the scale of the furniture was wrong, and the places that the furniture was placed didn't help sell the great floorplan that this home offered.
The upholstered dining chairs would close off the small, narrow dining space, and the orange and grey color palette wasn't flattering.

The home was cleared out and we started over, but we did save and use as much as we could of the existing furniture and decor. The rest was used in another home that was more suitable as far as scale and colors, so everything found a new home somewhere in the retail center. That's the biggest challenge of what we do - we try and use everything possible, as long as it doesn't hurt the look and sales value of the home. Items that are damaged or dated are either donated to a worthwhile nonprofit, or new homeowners are given a chance to buy them at a deep discount.

In a single section home, scale of the furniture and accessories is critical, and we were thrilled to find this dining table that was just right for the space. We invested in a few more furniture items, and added canary accent pieces to make the home feel as bright and as happy as it was meant to be. A large piece of art was added to draw your attention back to the master suite.

An area rug is a great way to add some color and texture to a room while protecting your wall to wall carpet. It's a lot less expensive to replace an area rug than a full room of carpet when the kids (or an adult!) spill a drink on it.
The cocktail table and upholstered items are open beneath to make the room feel more open and inviting. The home didn't have power to it while we were working on it, so all of this photos are shot using only natural light.
Moving the bed away from being in front of the window made all of the difference in how large this room feels. Everything in this room was already in the home - we just used it in different ways.
We love happy endings, and not only did this home give us some of our favorite lifestyle shots, customers fell in love with the new look and sales increased dramatically. Those are results that we love to hear about!

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